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Crestron® CEN-UPS1250 Uninterruptible Power Supply

Model #: CEN-UPS1250

At a Glance

Crestron® CEN-UPS1250 Uninterruptible Power Supply with managed power control and surge protection

WarningProposition 65 Warning for California Residents
Crestron® CEN-UPS1250 Uninterruptible Power Supply

General Specs

Depth (in.)19.73
Width (in.)17.02
Height (in.)5.54
Number Of Outlets12
Joule Rating4080
Product Weight (lbs.)62

Crestron® CEN-UPS1250 Uninterruptible Power Supply

Model #: CEN-UPS1250
Model #: CEN-UPS1250

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At a Glance

Crestron® CEN-UPS1250 Uninterruptible Power Supply with managed power control and surge protection

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An advanced UPS and power management solution designed to provide ultra dependable device protection with seamless control system integration.

The CEN-UPS1250 is a 1250 Watt, 120 Volt uninterruptible power supply and power conditioner Engineered by APC® specifically for Crestron®. Designed to protect Crestron control systems, media servers, video displays and other devices, the CEN-UPS1250 employs pure sine wave battery backup to maintain continuous operation of critical components whenever power is disrupted. Remote monitoring and control through award-winning Crestron RoomView® software, and full Crestron control system integration, deliver a comprehensive power management and protection solution that's an integral part of the complete Crestron control network.

Pure Sine Wave Battery Backup

    Any unexpected shutdown due to the sudden loss of power will certainly disrupt workflow and stop a presentation dead in its tracks, but it can also cause the loss of precious data and system settings, and can even damage hard drives and other vulnerable components. The CEN-UPS1250 constantly monitors the incoming power line and instantly transfers power to battery backup in the event of such a power loss, ensuring the connected components continue to operate unhampered. It may also be configured to transfer to battery in the case of an over or under voltage condition, or if excessive line noise or distortion is detected, ensuring optimum performance of sensitive video and audio equipment during momentary power glitches.

    When running on battery backup, the CEN-UPS1250 can power a rack full of equipment for several minutes without interruption. In the event of a prolonged power outage, a properly managed shutdown of the equipment can be performed automatically. Configurable "load-shedding" allows only certain components to be shut down, preserving battery fuel and extending runtime for more vital components. The CEN-UPS1250 will also ensure a smooth changeover from primary power to a backup generator.

Managed Power Control

    The CEN-UPS1250 provides twelve 120V power outlets organized in 4 banks. Each of the four banks of outlets is independently switchable, with fully managed power-up and shutdown available at the press of a single button or control system command. Up to 10 seconds of delay adjustment on banks 3 and 4 enables customized sequential switching capability. Sequential switching ensures that all the components of a complete system are powered up and down in proper order, avoiding dangerous transients that can damage delicate components and trip the main circuit breaker. Components such as video projectors and media servers that require systematic shutdown and restart can be managed seamlessly through integration with a control system.

Automatic Voltage Regulation

    Keeping the voltage within a safe operating range helps prevent equipment malfunctions and can even improve audio and video performance. Using automatic voltage regulation, the CEN-UPS1250 can correct for many high and low voltage fluctuations without having to switch to battery operation, preserving battery fuel for more serious situations.

Surge Protection

    The CEN-UPS1250 provides thorough protection against surges, spikes, and lightning. In addition to power line protection on all 12 outlets, there is also built-in surge protection for two separate coax lines and one telephone line, delivering a complete solution for protecting TVs, cable and satellite receivers, modems, and conferencing devices.

Noise Filtering

    Built-in EMI and RFI noise filtering eliminates the electromagnetic and radio frequency interference that can negatively impact sound and video quality. Each of the four outlet banks provides filtering protection specialized for a specific type of device: DIGITAL, DISPLAY, ANALOG, and HI-CURRENT. Each bank is electrically isolated to prevent any noise present on one bank from reaching the devices connected to any other bank.

Environmental Monitoring

    Using the external probe included, ambient temperature and relative humidity levels can be measured and recorded, and even reported to the control system or central help desk. Using this feature, safe operating limits can be specified for all of the equipment within a room or rack so that whenever the limits are exceeded, the user is notified, climate control is adjusted, and if necessary the equipment can be powered down safely.

RoomView™ and Control System Integration

    Monitoring and operation of the CEN-UPS1250 extends beyond its front panel, providing direct communication with Crestron RoomView Remote Asset Management Software as well as with Ethernet-enabled Crestron control systems. The CEN-UPS1250 notifies RoomView whenever it switches to battery backup, and warns if the battery is low or overloaded. It also reports which outlet banks are on, as well as the line voltage, output voltage, frequency, voltage regulation status, system load, internal temperature, ambient temperature and humidity, and battery condition. Centralized monitoring and logging via RoomView provides an invaluable resource for quickly resolving power line problems and maintaining batteries.

Built-in Logging

    In addition to RoomView, the CEN-UPS1250 also supports onboard data and event logging. Data can be set to log every 10 seconds to 18 minutes with sufficient memory for at least 30 days of history, recording the load, battery condition, line voltage, outlet on/off status, and environmental conditions. Instantaneous events such as switching to battery, low battery warnings, and self-tests are also logged.


    A heavy duty rackmount hardware kit is provided to mount the unit into any EIA standard 4-post 19" equipment rack up to 28" deep. The feet on the bottom of the unit can be unscrewed and removed to save space when the unit is rack-mounted.

Key Features

    UPS and power conditioning — Engineered by APC®

    Crestron® control system integration

    Centralized management via RoomView software

    Battery backup and power control management

    Surge protection for power line, coax and telco

    Isolated EMI and RFI noise filtering

    Automatic voltage regulation

    Built-in environmental monitoring

    Onboard data and event logging

    19" 4-post EIA rack-mountable

    UPS/Power Conditioner

    Output Power Capacity: 1250 Watts (1440 VA) @120 Volts AC nominal

    Efficiency: 90% at full load

    Output Voltage Distortion: <5% at full load

    Output Frequency: 47 to 63 Hz (sync to line power input)

    Waveform Type: Sine wave

    Transfer Time: 7mS typical, 10mS maximum during blackout

    Power Line Surge Protection: Rated for 4080 Joules

    Filtering: Full-time multi-pole noise filtering, 5% IEEE surge let-thru, zero clamping response time, meets UL 1449 Dataline protection

    Voltage Regulation: Performs voltage boost or trim to maintain 120V nominal output

    Maximum Output Current: 12 Amps per outlet, 12 Amps total

Power Requirements

    Input Voltage: 92 to 142 Volts AC, 120 Volts nominal

    Input Frequency: 47 to 63 Hz

    Maximum Input Current: 12 Amps (when fed from 15 Amp circuit)


    Internal Battery: (1) Crestron model CEN-UPS1250-BTP battery pack included, composed of (4) 12 Volt, 9Ah maintenance-free sealed lead-acid w/suspended electrolyte batteries

    Backup Runtime: ~12 minutes @ half load (625W), ~2.7 minutes @ full load (1250W)

    Recharging Time: ~8 hours typical to 90% capacity following a discharge to shutdown @ half load

    Battery Life: 2 to 5 years under normal use


    10BaseT/100BaseTX, auto-switching, auto-negotiating, autodiscovery, full/half duplex, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, CIP, DHCP


    BANK 1 – DIGITAL DEVICES: (6) NEMA 5-15R female;

    Grounded AC power outlets, switched;

    Includes noise filtering and protection for digital devices such as control systems, power supplies, touchpanels, and media servers

    BANK 2 – DISPLAYS: (2) NEMA 5-15R female;

    Grounded AC power outlets, switched;

    Includes noise filtering and protection for display devices such as LCDs, plasmas, and projectors

    BANK 3 – ANALOG DEVICES: (2) NEMA 5-15R female;

    Grounded AC power outlets, delayed-switched;

    Delayed turn-on, adjustable 0 to 10 seconds;

    Includes noise filtering and protection for analog devices such as Adagio control systems and tuners

    BANK 4 – HI-CURRENT DEVICES: (2) NEMA 5-15R female; Grounded AC power outlets, delayed-switched; Delayed turn-on, adjustable 0 to 10 seconds; Includes noise filtering and protection for high-current devices such as amplifiers

    EXTERNAL BATTERY: (1) Connector for optional external battery, sold by APC[1]

    SERVICE PORT: (1) USB Type B female; Used for factory configuration only

    TELCO IN: (1) 4-pin RJ11 female; Dual-line telephone line connection

    TELCO OUT: (2) 4-pin RJ11 female; Protected dual-line telephone/modem device connections

    CABLE IN: (1) F-type coaxial, female; Coaxial cable or antenna source connection

    CABLE OUT: (1) F-type coaxial, female;Protected TV/receiver or modem device connection

    SATELLITE IN: (1) F-type coaxial, female; Coaxial cable or antenna source connection

    SATELLITE OUT: (1) F-type coaxial, female;

    Protected TV/receiver or modem device connection

    COMPUTER: (1) USB Type B female; USB computer console port (cable included)

    LAN: (1) 8-wire RJ45 with 2 LED indicators; 10/100BaseT Ethernet port; Green LED indicates link status; Yellow LED indicates Ethernet activity

    G: (1) Binding post, chassis ground lug

    INPUT 120V 47-63Hz 12A: (1) IEC-320 C14 chassis plug; Line Power Input, mates with 10 ft (3.05 m) power cord, included

    ENV PROBE: 6-pin mini-DIN, female; Connection for external temperature/RH sensor, included


    STATUS: (1) Sequences through display of various electrical and environmental measurements, operational status, battery condition and other system information

    SETUP: (1) Sequences through various configuration settings and operations

    Λ, V: (2) Used to adjust configuration settings up/down or on/off

    Power/Standby : (1) Turns all output banks on or off, forces cold-start to battery when held

    CIRCUIT BREAKER (rear): Disrupts power to all outputs in case of an overload condition, press to reset

    RESET (rear): (1) Red miniature pushbutton, resets communications board


    Vacuum fluorescent, (2) lines, (20) characters per line

    LED Indicators

    BATT IN USE: (1 yellow) Indicates output power is being fed from battery backup

    ON LINE: (1 green) Indicates a working connection to the control system

    DELAY AMP: (1 green) Indicates the BANK 4 – HI-CURRENT DEVICES output bank is turned on

    REGULATING: (1 green) Indicates voltage regulation is operating to compensate for a high or low line voltage condition

    LOW BATT: (1 yellow) Indicates remaining backup time has fallen below a preset amount, adjustable from 2 to 26 minutes

    AC PWR OK: (1 green) Indicates the line input voltage is within the acceptable operating range of 92V to 142V

    FILTERING: (1 green) Indicates that the EMI and RFI noise reduction circuit is active

    OVERLOAD: (1 red) Indicates there is too much load connected to the output

    WIRING FAULT (rear): (1 red) Indicates a missing ground, overloaded neutral, or reversed polarity at the line power input


    Audible alarm indicates when in backup mode, when battery is low, and when overloaded


    Temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)

    Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)


    Chassis: Steel, black matte powder coat finish

    Cooling: Microprocessor-controlled ultra-quiet rear-facing fan, vented sides

    Faceplate: Extruded aluminum, black matte powder coat finish with polycarbonate label overlay

    Mounting: Freestanding or 3U 19-inch rack-mountable, rack must be 4-post type up to 28-inch maximum depth (removable feet and rack mount kit included)


    Height: 5.54 in (141 mm);5.21 in (133 mm) without feet

    Width:17.02 in (433 mm); 19.11 in (486 mm) with ears

    Depth: 19.73 in (501 mm)

    Weight: 62.0 lb (28.12 kg)


General Specs

Depth (in.)19.73
Width (in.)17.02
Height (in.)5.54
Number Of Outlets12
Joule Rating4080
Product Weight (lbs.)62
WarningProposition 65 Warning for California Residents